By: Alkmini Hormovas, LMFT

Beginning therapy can feel daunting. It can feel risky. The good news is that moving past fear is exactly what therapy is useful for. 

If you are looking for a new therapist, chances are you want something in your life to change, and you wanted to change for the better.

Perhaps you want to:

  • experience joy and calm more frequently
  • have a greater sense of balance and health
  • improve interpersonal relationships and communication

You may not be sleeping well or have lost motivation to be active or do your usual hobbies. You may be wondering why you can’t seem to attract the partner, job, or friends you want. You may feel frustrated with yourself and others, angry that things aren’t the way you imagined they would be, or restless and bored with certain parts of your life. 

Whatever it is that you want to change, curiosity and wonder are incredible tools that can help you along the way.  A sense of amusement can also be key! 

Therapy helps you discover and acknowledge what gives you satisfaction and enjoyment, as well as what makes you experience discomfort, anxiety, or fear. Therapy doesn’t only focus on what needs to change, it helps you to identify what is awesome in your life and what you genuinely want more of.

“You are not broken. You are breaking through.” -Alex Myles 

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