Do you feel that work takes over your personal life? How connected do you feel to yourself and others? Do you work way more than 8 hours a day? If so, how does that impact your romantic relationship, your sleep and down time?

Our professional lives have the potential to be very satisfying, stimulating, and compelling. For example: You may feel very lucky to be part of a big tech company or an entrepreneur in your own start up! On the one hand, you may be living your dream. Finding yourself in the right place, at the right time, doing what you love and being involved in changing the way people communicate, think and interact. On the other hand, your role may require a lot of mental and emotional resources, stressful deadlines, pressure, long hours of sitting and trying to please your clients and boss.


How therapy helps with reducing stress and creating work life balance

Therapy can help you prioritize and understand how to create more balance, which will give you a greater sense of relief in life. With your therapist’s support and guidance, you will be able to explore and identify your feelings, thoughts and what lies underneath. As a result you can become more loyal to yourself and your needs. You will also be learning and practicing the tools that may aid you in having greater work life balance.

Issues we help with: