Couples Therapy

Relationships can be challenging, for everyone. We, here at The Anxiety Relief Center, want to reassure you that this is totally normal. We know that it might feel like you are the only couple who is struggling and that simply isn’t true.

Our experience working with couples, and the ongoing research, shows that almost every couple (regardless of race, gender, age, sexual identity or orientation) shares similar struggles. Most couples, at some point, feel alone, misunderstood, disconnected, hopeless, stuck, and confused. All of this may show up as repetitive, hurtful fights, lack of intimacy and sex, or even avoiding each other. This is really painful and exhausting when what you really want is connection, passion and sense of home.

How couples therapy works

Couples counseling offers a neutral space where you and your partner can get to the core issues that are causing trouble. This can allow you both to move towards experiences and feelings that are in line with what you both really want, such as having more intimacy, connection, support and care for each other.

Issues we help with:

  • Anxiety in relationship
  • Intimacy
  • Disconnection
  • Infidelity
  • Trust
  • Constant fights
  • Arguing
  • Money
  • Sex

At The Anxiety Relief Center, we understand that loving, strong and supportive relationships are the basis for a happier and more fulfilling life.
We truly believe that in a safe environment, you can understand what is getting in your way. Once you see what’s really behind the disconnection and fights, you will be able to connect more honestly and vulnerably. With the help of our expert therapists, you can build a stronger sense of intimacy, love, and partnership.