Somatic Therapy

All of our experiences come to form in our body. For instance, when you get excited about going on a date you might notice that your heart beats faster and it feels like there are butterflies in your stomach. Your hands may become sweaty and your mouth becomes dry. Take a moment to pay attention to what is happening in your body right now. Notice your breath, your feet and your hands. Notice what you sense; what you become aware of.

Why the body?

This is the vessel we live in and without it there is no life as we know it. We experience the world through our bodies. Our body and mind work together. This interconnected functioning causes psychological issues to affect the body and, equally, the quality of physical interaction has an effect on our emotional and mental functioning. The body is one of the most effective vehicles for creating present moment consciousness.


How does somatic therapy work

A therapist using somatic modalities will directly engage your body at different stages of the therapy process. During the session your physical, mental and spiritual issues are all seen as parts of a complex interactive and whole system. Since the body is seen as the container of this interactive system you can expect the therapist to use techniques that are body centered. This may include somatic awareness, physical patterning and education, movement work, and hands-on bodywork. The style of body interventions is dependent on what is emerging in the session, the suitability for your process, and the training of the therapist. This integrative mind/body approach can help you deepen and sustain transformational changes realized in therapy.


Fun fact about the heart

 The heart contains about 60% of the neurons that exist in the brain!