Beginners Guide to Deciphering Anxiety

By Batya Ross, MFTi   We experience the world through internal responses. These responses are not communicated with words. Chemicals get triggered and we feel emotions. It can seem like our feelings are playing [...]

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Therapy? Are you wondering if psychotherapy is for you

By: Alkmini Hormovas, LMFT Beginning therapy can feel daunting. It can feel risky. The good news is that moving past fear is exactly what therapy is useful for.  If you are looking for [...]

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The Practice of Self Care: Tools to Manage Stress & Anxiety in Daily Life

By Alkmini “Mimi” Hormovas, LMFT, The Anxiety Relief Center We all struggle. We are all challenged. We all lose focus. We all feel discomfort. The truth is we are all works in progress. [...]

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“Falling” in love, or “Landing” in love

By  Mor Gavish, LMFT, The Anxiety Relief Center   With an endless variety of potential ‘perfect fits,’ how do we know when to stop? We live in a very stimulating era—everything seems to [...]

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