The Anxiety Relief Center is a dynamic and compelling collaboration because of the diversity that Alkmini, Mor, and Talia bring to the psycho-social platform. We appreciate and have been inspired by our broad exposure and experiences as citizens of the world. It has given us the ability to work effectively with a diverse client population and build The Anxiety Relief Center. We are united in the perspective that therapy is useful for everyone, regardless of age, sexual orientation, culture, religion, gender expression, socio-economic standing, career industry, etc. Diversity is our strength, making it an integral part of our practice is important for us. Through the platform of The Anxiety Relief Center, we hope to bring the benefits of therapy to a larger audience.

We are all San Francisco psychotherapists in private practice and collectively, we speak three languages, we’ve worked extensively with marginalized populations, served in the armed forces, worked in accounting, taught movement and have lived and traveled in several countries. We each found our own path to therapy as a valuable tool for better understanding ourselves and our own lives, creating actual change and, eventually, as a way to further our passion to support others. We want The Anxiety Relief Center to extend the value of therapy accessible to all.

The Anxiety Relief Center was founded in San Francisco. Bearing witness to the ongoing changes in the Bay Area, the U.S., and the world at large, the founders of The Anxiety Relief Center were influenced and motivated to create a platform that responds to the shifts in culture and society that result in disconnection. By addressing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms of disconnection, The Anxiety Relief Center believes that we can all live better.

Our Team


Mor Gavish, MFT, Co-Founder

I was born and raised in Israel and came to the US to pursue a Masters degree in Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. My approach is grounded in psychodynamics- relational psychology, as well as and somatic modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, for which I trained for three years. Additionally, I was trained for two years in EFT- Emotional Focused Therapy for couples work.

I see individuals and couples. I specialize in working with anxiety, sexual & emotional abuse and relationship issues. I love to work with clients from various cultural backgrounds, identities and sexual orientations. As diverse as the people I see are, so are their experiences. Therapy is offered in Hebrew as well as in English.

Before I arrived in San Francisco I received a BA in Psychology, Sociology & Anthropology from Ben Gurion University and from there continued to a Masters in Gender Studies at Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. While in Israel I worked for seven years in numerous organizations with youth and adults with varying mental abilities: in distress, trauma, anxiety, depression and Post tauma.

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Eyal Goren, licensed MFT

Life is a journey, and sometimes we feel stuck or lost. My role is to support your unfolding journey towards healing and growth. Together, we can explore your experiences, see how earlier relationships continue to influence the quality of later ones, understand developmental transitions, and explore your belief systems and values. As the mystery of existence opens up, we come to understand what our life’s journey is about. I believe that our potential is far greater than what we allow ourselves to experience.

My psychotherapy work is informed by Hakomi (mindfulness-based psychotherapy), psychodynamic psychotherapy and transpersonal psychotherapy to connect with the wisdom of the unconscious and to embody the potential for wholeness and self-empowerment.

I work with adult individuals and couples struggling with anxiety, stress, sexual and emotional abuse, trauma and PTSD, self harm, life transitions, immigration, self-esteem, depression, work-life balance, relationship issues, loss, grief, and spirituality.

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Tara Pratt, MFT

I believe seeking help is a sign of courage and is the first step toward a more fulfilling and healthy life.  As a counselor, I strive to create a healthy, therapeutic relationship with my clients in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere with the goal of exploring and fostering self-compassion and acceptance.  I have knowledge and experience in many different areas, including stress management, anxiety, depression, work-life balance, and sexuality. I have also worked extensively with substance abuse issues as well as adolescents.  It is my pleasure to help people unwind and unravel the ways they may get stuck in life.

I offer goal-oriented and/or long-term relational therapy based on individual desires and needs. My approach is transparent and practical, while also being collaborative and warm.  I believe in following a clients’ lead, offering guidance and insight, and figuring out the best course of action together.

With the support and space to check-in on a regular basis, we can work towards clarity on what empowers and what drains you.  My intention with every client is to show up with an open heart and mind.  It would be my pleasure to aid you in developing a healthy, happy, and balanced life.

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David Olmstead, AMFT #118339, supervised by Aharon Grossbard Ph.D. MFT #27213

Hi, I’m an associate marriage and family therapist with a masters in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. I work with individuals and couples. My style is best described as integrative and experiential which means I rarely work in one modality, but rather combine approaches based on my client’s unique makeup and life experiences. I take a gentle approach with my clients and work at their pace because I want you to feel supported as you take the courageous steps towards personal growth.

A big part of what informs my work as a therapist is my relationship with creativity. I’ve always been interested in the unconscious and how once we learn to access our unconscious, we can ignite our creativity and connect with unrealized potential.

With a background in comedy, creative writing, and graphic design, I like to approach therapy from a storyteller’s perspective. Together we seek to understand what is your story, how was it formed, better yet who wrote it and who are the main characters? Did you write your story using your true authentic voice, or were many of the details designed to protect yourself or find love and acceptance? Maybe it needs a rewrite or a plot change, and as its hero, you need to reclaim ownership of the narrative? After all, it’s your life and you decide the terms. Or maybe the point is to drop the story altogether and view it with a fresh perspective; perhaps perfectionism and ambition have created a picture that feels too repetitive. If you find the narrative has landed you in a state of rigidity, and you’re lacking creativity and aliveness, the best move may be to throw it away and start writing anew!

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Yevgenia Kirnos, AMFT #117382, supervised by Aharon Grossbard Ph.D. MFT #27213

The story of who we are is important!

My story started in Belarus where I lived as a child until I moved to Israel following the Cherbobyl nuclear disaster. It was in Israel that I discovered my passion for psychology and mindfulness. In 2013, I started my first private practice after completing a two-year training in Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy. After 3 years of private practice, I moved to the US where I pursued my Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. During my practicum, I worked and received training at the Integral Counseling Center at Church Street which specializes in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

I have been educated and trained to work with a wide range of difficulties and stressors including anxiety, PTSD, depression, trauma, grief, relationships, and life adjustments. I support my clients in achieving a greater sense of self-knowledge and an ability to make serious changes in their lives through the processes of active curiosity and guided self-discovery. Pulling from my own history of multicultural experiences, I am naturally drawn to and enjoy working with people from different backgrounds. I currently practice therapy in English, Hebrew, and Russian.

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Trudy McMahon MA LMFT #125455

People who experience anxiety often report an intense feeling of despair that feels like they need help right now, and yet also feel like nothing can help and nothing can be effective. However, I have seen that there are things that can and do support people in finding relief and peace, and can alleviate anxiety symptoms and create a richer fuller life. There is hope.

I am drawn to working with individuals dealing with anxiety, PTSD, and related symptoms. I have witnessed the debilitating impact anxiety can have upon a person’s life and I have also seen how therapy and other holistic interventions can support real change. My hope is to assist clients to broaden their resources and develop an everyday tool kit so they feel more empowered in their lives, and feel a reduction in symptoms.

I hold a therapeutic space that is warm, caring, and offers a soothing environment, where people can feel regulated and in turn learn to regulate their own nervous systems more effectively. This might be achieved through breath work, visualization, or mindfulness practices.

As a trained body-worker since the early 2000s I chose to do my MA in Somatic Psychotherapy. Throughout my career I have witnessed the powerful impact these types of modalities can have upon the nervous system. I value the importance of using the senses to calm the nervous system through mediums such as: aromatherapy, tapping, visualization, and mindfulness.

During a session I might offer homework if that is what a client wants. In the past clients struggling with anxiety have come up with their own mantras, or learned a grounding technique or boundary meditation, others opt to work through a workbook or specific exercises to assist them. Other people want to work on the emotional origins of their anxiety by looking at their relationships, family dynamics, or exploring issues around commitment, intimacy, anger, and addiction for example.

I recognize the complexity of anxiety and its many roots, one of which can often be in complex trauma.

I often witness the link between anxiety and other comorbidities such as depression, substance misuse and eating disorders.

I offer a grounded presence, and recognize that overcoming the challenges of anxiety is a very individual journey, one which I hope to take with you

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