The Anxiety Relief Center presents, The 4 C’s to Success: Curiosity, Compassion, Communication and Creativity.

A day-long workshop designed to teach an integrated approach to success. Go beyond what the material world dictates is ‘success’. Improve your skills to deal with stress, discomfort and anxiety and enjoy the fruits of all your labor. Discover how a well-rounded self-care system can significantly improve all aspects of your life. 

We offer a more balanced and objective perspective on success, self care and achievement. 

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Upcoming dates in San Francisco: 03/24/18, 10-5 PM.

Location to be announced soon!


In this day-long workshop offered by The Anxiety Relief Center, you will learn:

  • To make healthy choices and turn your stress and anxiety into motivation and power

  • Practical tools to ease your mind and become more present

  • Enhance and expand your approach to the ups and downs in life

  • How to have greater compassion for yourself and others

  • How to harness the innate resources that you already have

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As much as we want there to be a ‘magic fix’ for the things that don’t work well in our life, there is no such thing. Positive change requires that we move out of our comfort zone and practice tools and techniques that align with what our true needs and wants. The more we practice decision-making that aligns with our true goals,  the more natural it becomes. We offer practical and experiential tools that can be integrated into your life and benefit you in the long run.

Improve your ability to focus, harness your gifts and enjoy the fruits of all your labor with:

  • Curiosity: The key ingredient in learning and development

  • Compassion: Face limitations and difficulty with greater kindness and care through practices of mindfulness and self-care.

  • Communication: The dialogue within yourself is the base of all relationships.

  • Creativity: Unleash new ideas and your inner creator through playfulness and self-exploration

Join this empowering workshop that will teach you a different kind of success!

Do you find yourself answering yes to these questions?

Does the race after money, status and career title leave you feeling empty and dissatisfied? Are perfectionism and self criticism your worst enemy? Do you run from one thing to the next finding yourself “overdoing” it? Perhaps you find yourself unable to express your ideas and emotions in ways that benefit you and help you feel empowered.

On 03/24/18 learn to be more resourceful and strengthen your abilities to achieve goals in our unique 4 C’s to Success day-long workshop! 

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Science-based information and tools

Our workshop combines cutting-edge neuroscience and research on the regulation of the brain and nervous system, as well as mindfulness techniques, that have been proven to reduce and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and promote well being.

Synthesizing this knowledge and tools along with our extensive experience with many individual clients, we have come to create this elaborate, rich and experiential workshop. We aim to help promote a more relaxed, satisfying and enjoyable life for you!

Who we are

The Anxiety Relief Center is comprised of founding members and San Francisco psychotherapists, Mor, Talia and Alkmini. Because we understand that ongoing therapy may not be for everyone, we offer workshops to share valuable information and tools for anxiety. We have individually faced anxiety and know the distress and discomfort it can cause in everyday life. We are passionate and dedicated to helping others relieve anxiety and stress. We have each helped clients significantly improve their lives by providing the right strategies, support and tools for managing anxiety and promoting well being.